Photography Tips : DSLR Manual Mode

Photography, so many of us interested in it. Some made photography as career, hobby or part time jobs. Because of this, so many manufacture has been compete each to provide the best camera even DSLR, compact camera or compact system camera.

Whatever model your got in hand (DSLR or CSC), using Manual Mode is the way to show up your creativity in photography. Here wanna share the basic tips in using this Manual Mode.

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1. Set the ISO
The ISO setting to decides how sensitive your camera to light. The higher number of ISO, the more sensitive the sensor to the light. If your place has good lightning such as sunny or bright, its the best to try ISO 200. If the lighting drops, cloudy or dark, try to bring up the ISO to 400 or 800. This will make your camera more sensitive to light.


2. Select the Aperture
The aperture control the quantity of light that passes through the lens. The lowest number of f it is mean your lens (aperture) are widest open. Lowest f number mean the aperture are large. Lowest f number also will gives us swallow depth of field as result.

Bigger f number (closing the aperture) will increase DOF. Bigger f number usually use to capture the landscape or group of people.


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3. Decide the Shutter Speed

This is final exposure variable. Adjusting shutter speed is alike adjusting aperture. Each time you increase the shutter speed, will decrease amount of light can get to the sensor.

Fast shutter speed means short exposure time and give frozen motion. However, slow shutter speed means long exposure time and give blurred motion as result.



Master this three major + creative will make u master in photography.

That’s all for now. Hopefully this will help us. Thanks.

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