Better Late Than Never

‘Ahh…. Too late, no need lah’

That’s what we always to hear when we wanna to step up into the good one such as to futher study. This is the stigma in our community.

Only some of them will give moral support but more willing to condemn. Sometime I also tired with this situation. What I do is just put aways what ever them says. They never influence me, only the successful one only will influence me such as Tan Sri Ali Hashim, Donald Trump and etc.

In blogging, the are also some blogger which is I really admire such as,,, and many more.

I always wanna be the best, even I’m not the best student, the best workers or the best blogger, I just do my best in whatever I done or jump in. Just do it (the best as I can) by myself is my principle.

Never hope the other to lend hand (not means selfish), cause the are some situation we need to decide by our own. And never be shame when some says you’re too late. Cause it’s to late to them not too us. As long, we think we wanna it, just do it. Never regret.

For me, it’s never late to do something good. Its better late than never to do something to change our fate. Always dare to take the risk. To success we need to sacrifice.

Good luck to all. Likes what Justin Bieber says ‘Never Says Never’.See ya next time.

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