Hangout With My Boy

Assalamulaikum dan Salam Inspirasi Buat Semua Saudaraku…

My family, my wife and my kids – they are my everything. Nothing more important than they. This is my priority. 

To be weekend husband not my choice. Hard for me to leave my kids and my wife in Kuala Lumpur while I’m working in Kuantan. Really miss the moment how my kid to grow in front of me. To see both of them smile, laugh and cry. Damn…. Unlucky me.

Actually before I had transferred to Kuantan, i spend 1 whole day in weekend to hangout with my boy. We spend a day with full of joy at the mall, park or etc. Leaving my wife and my daughter home. Hahahhaa….

This time i bring my boy to Mid Valley Mega mall, his favorites spot. Not at Toys’r’Us, not the playground but at the walk way between Mid Valley and the Garden – the fountain spot. This his favorite since baby.


See the smile on his face….


Now Enjoy the Show

After enjoy the fountain show, i bring my prince to the Secret Recipes (Ok… this is last month not today). Bring my cake’s monster to cake’s palace, he enjoy the walnut chocolate cakes. Just a piece for both of us. Sweet daddy, right? 


My monster with the cake


Hangout with my boy – with my family and see they smile is the sweetest moment for me. To see my family happy. To see my kids grow up.

Sorry my wife – you still the Queen of My Heart but the Chart goes down to no 2 now. Both of out diamond takes the 1st place. Hehehehe

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