I’m Addicted

Assalamualaikum and best wishes to all My Pals.

I’m addicted. Yes, I’m already addicted. Don’t worry I not addicted to the drug. Until now, I never ever think to touch the drug. Never ever.

Thanks to Allah swt, till now, 28 years I’m still never smoking. But I never condemn the smoker because 75% of my friend are smoker.

Right now, I’m addicted to bought the book. Not the novel, my wife love novel and sometime I also read it, to fill my time. Yes, I read love novel, but I never think I’m to romantic like Seth Tan (Nora Elena drama). Never I think.

Now day, I spend some money to bought the book. Already about a year I like to bought a book but lately my sickness too critical. I bought 3 to 4 book a month.

Finish the book? No, I not finish them all. Even, La Tahzan that I bought in 2008, I’m not finish it yet. Hahaha…

I’m bookworm. No!!! I’m not bookworm. I just love to buy a book as my collection. And read it to fill my time.

List of my book for this month:
1. WTF? (Faizul Ridzuan)

WTF? (source pakdi.net)

2. Hidup Tenang Walaupun Berhutang (Shamsudin Kadir)

Hidup Tenang Walaupun Berhutang by Shamsuddin Kadir

3. Seni Bercakap-Cakap (Ainon Mohd)

Seni Bercakap-cakap Berbual-Bual

4. Start Where You Are (Chris Gardner)

Start Where You Are (Segalanya Bermula Disini) by Chris Gardner

5. Panduan Menulis Novel Teknik Surah Yusof (Ainon Mohd)

Panduan Menulis Novel (Teknik Surah Yusof)

All picture source by google.com


And the first ever my e-book, the e-book Rahsia Jutawan Hartanah by Abang Ensem. Next, e-book might be AriffShah‘s e-book.


My teacher’s say ‘Read the book. Reading makes us a years ahead’.

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