Olympic 2012 : Natalia Partyka

Natalia Partyka
Natalia Partyka

Natalia Partyka is one of the athlete in Olympic London 2012, play table tennis. This young Polish girl is the most awesome athlete in this year Olympic for me. Not because she won the medals, because she didn’t won the medal for this Olympic. But because she has won my heart. Here some of her profile i would like to share:

Name : Natalia Partyka

Date of Birth : 27 July 1989 (23 years old)

Nationality : Poland

World Rank : 48 (May 2010)

In Olympic 2012, her achievement quick impressive because she has reach final 32 in women single event in Table Tennis.

This girl has teach me : disablity is not the excused. Likes my post before about the men without limb, Nick Vujicic, disablity not the excused for them.  Natalia Partyka, who has born without a right forehand, has achieve a great achievement. Here some of her achievement:

2000 : Paralympic in Sydney

2004 : Paralympic in Athens (Gold for single’s event and Silver for team’s event)

2006 : European Paralympic Championship (3 Gold medal)

2008 : Olympic Beijing

2012 : Olympic London

She didn’t win the medal in Olympic but she won my respect. Here some of special word from Natalia Partyka :

“I can show people that nothing is impossible,’’ Partyka said. “Maybe being disabled makes things more difficult than for able-bodied people, and maybe we have to work a little harder. But we can do anything we want to do if we just try. Maybe someone will see me and realize their own disability is not the end of the world, that they can achieve bigger dreams than they imagined.’’ (source: miamiherald)

 Here some other photo of Natalia Partyka :

Natalia Partyka

Natalia Partyka
Natalia Partyka

Nothing is impossible in this world. If we want it, we can do it if we work toward. Let’s roll pals, never give up until the last breath.

Hope the story of this pretty girl, Natalia Partyka will be inspired all my reader.


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Don’t Judge Book By It’s Cover

Don’t jugde book by it’s cover. I always judge books by back cover when I wanna buy a book. Read the summary first. Hehehehe

Last Saturday, me and my wife hang out together at Mid Valley Mall in KL. (Actually our favorite mall because near to our house. Hehehehe)

Looking the present to our self, for our 2nd anniversary. Actually, our anniversary is on Tuesday, but cause it’s working day, so we decide to celebrate early. Just simple celebration, without cake, just exchange the gift. How damn not romantic, right?

I just being myself, as simple as I’m. Just wear my lousy shirt and jeans, with the fake deuters porch bag and ‘selipar jepun’.

We walk in the shops, and no one are welcoming us. There are two guys at front counter but it’s likes they didn’t see us, no greeting from them. Behind us got another couple come in and the guys greeting them, not us.

Are we invisible? Of course not. My teacher never teach me ‘how to be invisible’. If not, you all know what I might do, right? Hahahaah…. Forget it.

We take a looks, and later on the pregnant sale girls come and greeting us. We ask to look at the latest model and trend. She serve us politely. Model by model she show off.

I see the guys slightly looking at us. Yeah, the stuff is expensive to us. But doesn’t mean we can’t take a look and we can’t buy as long we can paid. Right?

We decide to bought one. We paid and get the stuff. After I paid, the guys gives us a smile. Yeah, thanks.

Then we continue to other shop. Looking for handbag. Women really love handbag. So my wife. I don’t know why. And the same situation had happen. Hahahahaha….

May be, they judge me by how I dress up. This is what I learn. So, if you all wanna got into the vip or expensive shop and wanna be threat likes kings, please be good looking. Don’t be like me. Hahahaha

Never judge the book by it’s covers.

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