I try… I will try until I die…


Dare To Fails…. Since I was teen I heard that quote, how freaking that quote? When I saw the book on tv, I says “I’ll never read that book. This book not to me”

On that time, failure is the nightmare for me. Even my parent never push me to study or to success, but i never wanna to fail. And I never wanna try something new because i don’t wanna fails. I never ever wanna to fails.

But when i grown up. I realize that failure is the part of success. We will learn greatest manner and feel the sweetest moment from the failure, that never being teach in whatever institution in this world. Only from our failure. But this only happen if we have a good spirit to get up from the fall.

I’m not the best student, i’m not the bookworm. I’m not the good guy, i’m not the bad guy too. I’m just average, likes most people in this world. I just wanna be the best I can. Be the best, beat the rest.

Today, failure not the nightmare anymore for me. I don’t care if fails. Even 1000 times I fails. I will never regret. I will never give up to try and try until I feel the climax and satisfaction.

Fed up? Put this bad ass aways. Kick away this bad feeling. Fed up is made for loser not for the winner like us.

Love whatever we do. Never regret what has happen. Whatever result we got, that’s the best. And keep on trying until end of our breath.

Live happy forever.

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Inspirasi buat semua saudaraku... Kejayaan tidak mengenal siapa, tapi siapa yang mahukan
Assalamualaikum dan salam inspirasi buat semua saudaraku... Sering kali kita menyatakan nanti lah dulu, biarlah,
Assalamualaikum dan Salam Inspirasi Buat Semua Saudaraku... Tahniah buat semua adik-adik yang baru mendapat keputusan