Working At Height is Rules and Regulations

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Working at height
Working at height

Recieved one question from the blog’s reader, joraksenawi, about Working At Height is Rules and Regulations. Here his question:

assalam daddydee, boleh sya tanye, akta or cop or prosedur mana yg mana menetapkan working at heights adalah kerja yg melebihi 3 meter,sbb sya cari x jumpe…terima kasih…

Here my answers, hopefully it’s will help, joraksenawi and other about the working at height is rules and regulations:

OSHA 1994
Section 15 (1)– Duties Of Employer
To ensure the safety, health and welfare of his employees
Section 24 (1) (c) –Duties of Employee
to wear or use at all times any protective equipment or clothing provided by the employer for the purpose of preventing risks to his safety & health;

FMA 1967
Section 20-Duties of Persons Employed
Shall make use of appliance and means for securing his safety, health and welfare
Section 21- Duties of Occupier
Shall all time maintain all safety appliance

Regulation 12, SHW 1970
Where any person is required to work at a place from which he will be liable to fall a distance more than 10 feet, means shall be provided to ensure his safety and such means shall where practicable include the use of safety belts or ropes

Regulation 15 (2), BOWEC 1986
Every employee who is provided with a safety belt shall be instructed in the proper method of wearing and using it, as well as attaching to the life line

Actually i’m not the competent person to talk about this, i’m not Safety Officer or Safety Practitioner, but I love safety work. My past experience as Site Safety Supervisor, is one of great moment in my life. The experience that teach me to be better guys now, hopefully i will have one more chance to get involve in Safety and Health.

Safety first
Safety first

Wherever you go or working, always remember the 1st rules of safety:

Safe yourself first, then the other.

PS: Sorry for my bad english. Just trying. Thanks

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