Life Not Easy

Life it’s likes a drama. Yeah, likes a drama.

But it’s not easy likes drama. In drama we might see a hundred dollars look likes fifty cent only. So cheap. Why? Because drama just an imagination that create over to entertain us.

But not this life. In this life you are actor, you are director. You decide where you wanna to be. You decide what role you wanna play.

To get a hundred dollar its too hard for some of us. Too many thing we can do with hundred dollar.

Some of people in this world will do anything to got some dollar. Too greed sometime will guide us into the darkest routes. At this time illegal are legal. No more rules or law. Anything is about to break the rules.

Whatever situation we are in, never do in illegal ways. Always be honest. Insyallah… all problem have a solution.

Whatever we do, whatever we in, never ever forgot Allah swt. Remember Allah swt always with us. Allah swt love us.