Boss Not Always Right…

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Inspirasi buat semua saudaraku…

Boss always right that what’s almost of my officemate or ex-officemate saids. For them whatever boss says is right. Never argue?

But not for me, if it’s wrong still wrong no matter whoever you are and ‘Boss Not Always Right’.


In this democracy country, we got right to give our opinions or idea. Never be shame to open up our mouth to gives a great ideas. It’s good to change opinion with other to gain our knowledge. It’s one of learning process.

In early days, when I step in my first job, I’m really shame to voice up my opinion. At that time, I thinking I’m nobody, just likes ant, and no one will heard my opinion. But when I grow up my experience, I know that I’m totally wrong. In the career no matter who you’re, you got the right to voice up.

If you’re the boss or leader, please give some respect to your workers and always try to hear what them to says. Might be, their idea are better than yours.

However, whatever situation we are try to voice up in harmony never tend to hurt other in physically or emotionally. If in this situation, the better ways is to shut up. It’s not good.

Remember, we are human and we are not perfect. Only Allah swt are perfect.

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